“Parent Cortical Mass” Is A Worthwhile Blog

Parent Cortical Mass seems like a good blog that’s worth recommending to parents.

Here’s how it describes itself:

The Parent Cortical Mass Blog is for parents striving to get more knowledgeable and skillful at managing kids’ learning and education.

We focus on four questions:

What does research in learning science have to say to parents?
What controversies drive American educational policy?
Who influences education policy? What do they have to say?
What are the top technologies, books, games, and toys that strengthen kids learning?

PCM does not promote a specific political or child-rearing ideology. We provide information and resources, not advice. Parents apply their knowledge on these topics in ways consistent with their beliefs and judgments.

Take a look….

One thought on ““Parent Cortical Mass” Is A Worthwhile Blog

  1. If you look for best practice for engaging parents in Urban and Rural school community. check out 21stparent.com.. You will find a blog that up front and outside of box thinking and resources for engaging parents to improve students learning.

    Mary Johnson

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