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Upcoming #PTchat: Awards Assemblies – Good for Kids?

Wed., 6/20/12 at 9PM EDT

During this week’s Parent-Teacher Chat (#PTchat), we’ll discuss the “Awards Assembly,” as for many of us, this event is fresh in our minds.

Our school has done an End of Year Awards Assembly for many years, but in recent years, my staff and I have noticed some commonalities that we need to hold more parent and teacher conversation on.

After reading some of the resources shared by elementary principal Christopher Wejr (@MrWejr) on his “Rethinking Awards Assemblies” page, in particular “Death of An Awards Assembly,” it might be time for more parents and educators to talk about the pros and cons of this event. Depending on the school, this event occurs between 1-8x per year. What are the benefits? What are the downfalls? Elementary versus secondary? Now’s the time to begin thinking/planning/fine-tuning in preparation of the 12-13 school year.

Join us this Wednesday, June 20th at 9PM EDT / 6PM CST for #PTchat, where we’ll discuss Awards Assemblies in great detail. All #PTchats are archived here for your easy review.

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