Update On “Parent Teacher Chat” On Twitter

Last month, Joe Mazza wrote a guest post about Parent Teacher Chat on Twitter. Joe has accepted my invitation to write a short post on this blog regularly to announce future topics for these chats:

As a school principal, I receive more bullying referrals from the school bus than anywhere else. Unfortunately, the school bus and bus stop are the two location where I cannot add adult supervision to prevent bullying from happening. However, by making bus drivers more a part of the school and bringing them in to meet with teachers and bus riders as “bus teams” several times per year, we can ensure that the same rules and expectations are instilled in students from the time they leave their house to the time they get back. 

Join #ptchat on Wednesday, 1/11 at 9PM EST when Jim Dillon, Olweus trainer, school principal and author of the Peaceful Bus Program shares the ways parents and teachers can provide a safe environment to and from school.  More information on Joe Mazza’s eFACE Today blog.
In case you missed Dr. Michele Borba’s 1/4/12 #ptchat on What Parents and Teachers Can Do To End Bullying on the 1/4 #ptchat, all recent chats have been archived here
Thanks, Joe!

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