Parent Trigger Supporters Attack PTA, Compare Schools To Batterers

The Los Angeles Weekly, a big supporter of the parent trigger law, has just published a story that indicates that parent trigger supporters seem to be going over the edge…

In the article, they are not only attacking teachers and their unions, but now they’re attacking…the PTA?

Also, Gloria Romero, defeated candidate for State Superintendent of Public Instruction, gives what I can only call a bizarre response to what many, including me, say should be done when groups like Parent Revolution start talking to parents — letting the school district know (you can read about why I believe that’s essential at The ‘Parent Trigger’ doesn’t help schools or parents). Here is what she says:

Sen. Romero compares that to a woman notifying her abusive boyfriend before filing a restraining order. “You’re telling the parents they have to go and stand before their batterers and tell them, ‘I’m going to go file papers on you!’‚ÄČ” she says.

When you start attacking the PTA and comparing schools and teachers to batterers, it’s a pretty good indication that your efforts are reaching the point of desperation…

Thanks to Alexander Russo for the tip on the article.

(Kenneth Libby has written another good post on the article at Parent Trigger, Media Coverage, and More…)

3 thoughts on “Parent Trigger Supporters Attack PTA, Compare Schools To Batterers

  1. The damage control — or attempted damage control — is being done by the Rose Group, a PR firm in Culver City, CA, that represents both the Green Dot charter operator and Parent Revolution, the billionaire-financed, charter industry-run fake parent group. The L.A. Weekly is the conduit for the Rose Group’s desperate flailings. (Though I have to say there really wouldn’t be an effective way to do damage control on this fiasco — this may be the best the Rose Group can do.)

    Although the Weekly’s coverage is just jaw-droppingly distorted at times (such as its absurd and lengthy characterization of former California state Sent. Gloria Romero as a downtrodden underdog in her successful efforts to pass the obviously unworkable Parent Trigger law to begin with), the coverage has also been detailed and revealing. So I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get beyond the blizzard of mindless, superficial “Parents pull trigger on failing school” stories popping up all over the national and international media.

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