Our High School Will Be Making One Thousand Home Visits….This Summer

Readers of this blog and my book know how highly I think of the Parent Teacher Home Visit Project.

With the support of the PTHVP, staff at our school have made about 400 home visits to students each year for the past few years.

This summer, though, under the leadership of Elisa Gonzalez, our extraordinary parent engagement staffperson, and Assistant Principal Mai Xi Lee, we’ll be making 1,000 visits over the next two-and-a-half months. The families of all incoming ninth-graders, eleventh-graders who have not yet passed the California High School Exit Exam, and all seniors will receive a visit from teachers and/or classified staff from our school. It looks like about 65% of our teachers will be participating.

I’m just going to make 10-15 of them, targeting the students who will be in my double-period mainstream ninth-grade English class. That class is geared towards those who need extra support.

I think it’s a pretty impressive undertaking…

4 thoughts on “Our High School Will Be Making One Thousand Home Visits….This Summer

  1. Is this done on a volunteer basis or is there some compensation provided? Just wondering…

  2. In our District, teachers are paid one hour of out of classroom time (about $37 per hour), and classified staff are paid their regular hourly rate unless it is over contracted time — then they get time and 1/2.


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