“Home, Preschool and School Coordination Boosts Achievement”

A new study recently was published that, while there doesn’t seem to be anything new in it, it does reinforce the important of parent involvement/engagement.

Science Daily writes about it in a piece titled “Home, Preschool and School Coordination Boosts Achievement.”

Here are are some excerpts from the article:

Children whose minds are stimulated in several early childhood settings — home, preschool, and school — have higher achievement in elementary school. What matters is not whether children’s learning is supported at home, or stimulated in preschool or in elementary school, but that all three of these occur.

“The study has implications for policy as Congress reauthorizes the No Child Left Behind Act,” notes Robert Crosnoe, associate professor of sociology at the University of Texas at Austin, the study’s lead author. “Our findings point to the importance of improving coordination among parents, preschool classrooms, and elementary schools to boost children’s achievement.”

This study suggests that increasing coordination among the three main contexts involved in the transition to formal school is critical. “To do so, policymakers must put renewed focus on the home-preschool partnerships often advocated by early intervention programs and the family-school partnerships advocated by No Child Left Behind, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act,” according to Crosnoe.

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