“No Parent Left Behind”

The South Bend Tribune in Indiana published an article today titled Professor feted for parenting program. It’s about an award Stuart Greene, a Notre Dame professor, is getting to recognize the work he’s done with an organization called No Parent Left Behind.

It’s not clear to me from the article exactly what the group does, but it mentions a book Greene is editing that’s coming out called “Connecting Home and School: Complexities, Concerns, and Considerations in Fostering Parent Involvement and Family Literacy,” — which sounds interesting — and I do like this quote:

“The typical observation about low-income parents is that they just don’t get involved in their children’s learning,” Greene said. “What we’re finding is that they’re actually doing a lot — it’s just not as visible as it could or should be. Our work is helping these parents tell their own stories, opening the way for them to make teachers and administrators aware of their strengths — and their needs.”

Let me know if you have more information on the group.

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  1. No Parent Left Behind is an organization created by Stuart Greene and Joyce Long in South Bend, IN. The mission of the group is the following – to create trusting relationships among families, community members, and educators to ensure that children flourish in school and as life-long learners. Toward that end, we provide interactive workshops that focus on home literacy and learning to help families become informed agents in their children’s education.

    This program is a great example of home – school – community partnerships at work. For more information on it see their new website http://www.nplbinc.org or find them on facebook.

    Thanks for taking note!

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