Principal Organizes For Neighborhood Safety

The Sacramento Bee today has an extensive article about a troubled neighborhood. It’s titled Killings underscore challenges in Sacramento’s Arden Manor neighborhood.

The last part of the article tells about the local elementary school principal and his school organizing a meeting where 200 residents came to talk about how to improve the community. He called it an “encouraging start,” and I do hope the school and their parents continue to organize. It’s a great example of recognizing that a school is part of the neighborhood where it’s located, and that what happens outside the school’s walls is just as important as what happens inside.

One thought on “Principal Organizes For Neighborhood Safety

  1. I’m helping to write the story of some former gang members here in Kansas City who want to go back and and change the streets for their neighbors, for their younger siblings, for their parents and relatives. I think that this will make the primary difference, the community uniting to help itself, not outsiders who are trying to help but viewed with suspicion. I wish Sacramento well and will watch to see if any changes occur. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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