Press Conference On Parent Engagement

Last week, the new Superintendent of the Sacramento City Unified School District, Jonathan Raymond, led a press conference highlighting examples of parent engagement in our district.

He was kind enough to invite me and mention my book, and also to highlight the home computer project we do at our school, as well as our highly regarded Parent University.

You can see the press conference online. If you go to the 26 minute mark, you’ll be able to watch Elisa Gonzalez from our school describe the Parent University, which I believe is a national model. I speak shortly afterward about both the Parent University and our home computer project.

I’m going to place two links to the press conference here because I’m not sure which will work best.

You can go to the District website where you’ll see the link to the press conference. It’s under “News and Messages.”

Here’s the direct link, too:

Superintendent Raymond recognized principals and teachers who have successfully engaged parents at their schools, November 19, 2009

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