What Does It Mean To Engage Parents?

What does it mean to engage parents?

For a preview of the book, you can read two articles I wrote for Public School Insights earlier this summer.  Here are links to all four in the series (two were written by Renee Moore, an exceptional teacher who is also a member of the Teacher Leaders Network):

Part One: How Much Parent Involvement Do Educators Really Want? by Renee Moore

Part Two: Parent Involvement or Parent Engagement? by Larry Ferlazzo

Part Three: Building Community Trust in Urban Schools is Hard Work by Larry Ferlazzo

Part Four: Education is Becoming More Consumer-Driven by Renee Moore

One thought on “What Does It Mean To Engage Parents?

  1. Larry,

    Just read your article. Would simply like to underline the phrase that resonates with me:
    “When we’re engaging parents, the parent is considered a leader or a potential leader who is integral to identifying a vision and goals. He/she encourages others to contribute their own vision to that big picture and helps perform the tasks that need to be achieved in order to reach those goals.”

    Look forward to reading the rest. Thank you for this blog.

    All best,

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