Important Parent Trigger Question

David B. Cohen just raised an important question on Twitter about the parent trigger:

Does anyone know the answer?

One thought on “Important Parent Trigger Question

  1. California Ed Code section 48352, amended by Romero’s bill SBX5-4, 2009-2010 session, specifically exempts charter schools from trigger.

    If that is the choice made by the petition circulators and the parents cajoled into signing it, there is no turning back, other than the reasons that a district can revoke a charter petition.

    The law was written in such a way that it is easy to fool enough parents, particularly those that are less educated and may not be fluent in English. According to the judge, once signed, a parent may not rescind, even after realizing they have given over the school to a private group.

    I predict, upon appeal, this will be overturned. There is nothing in the law that states a parent may not rescind.

    Steinberg voted yes.

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