“Parent Handbooks” For Content Areas Are Nice, But What About “Parent Engagement Handbooks” For Teachers?

I was looking through the California Department of Education website to see their parent engagement resources, and found that they had “Parent Handbooks” for each class content area. Each one is full of ideas about how parents can help their children learn more in those specific content areas (Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Math).

It got me thinking — wouldn’t it be nice if there were “Teacher Handbooks For Parent Engagement” for those same content areas that listed ideas on how teachers could involve parents in classroom lessons? I shared a few ideas in my parent engagement book, and have mentioned some in this blog, but not in any kind of systematic way.

So, I’ve got two requests:

1. If you know of any guides that share those kinds of ideas, please let me know.

2. Please leave a comment with any lessons that you’ve done that has included a parent engagement component. I’ll put them all in a list and post them later this summer.

One thought on ““Parent Handbooks” For Content Areas Are Nice, But What About “Parent Engagement Handbooks” For Teachers?

  1. My framework for Urban Parent Engagement was approved by CDE in September of 2010 as best practice. I have published serveal book ” Bicultural Parent Roles in Empowerment/Advocacy. This is chapter book edited by Dr. Edward Olivios. My book will be release this summer with IAP. The title is “The 21st Century Parent
    Multicultural Parent Engagement Leadership Strategies Handbook “. Plus, I have been hire to write a new parent curriculum framework for Los Angeles Unified School District. Please check out my website http://www.21stparent.com. My site have many resources for parents and teachers. Very Parents and Peoples friendly.

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