This Week’s Parent Teacher Chat On Twitter

Guest Post by Joe Mazza

What is this “flipped classroom” people are talking about?

What are the implications for parents, teachers and students?

#PTchat, Wed., 4/25 9PM EST/6PM PST

The “flipped classroom” is defined by Knewton in this cool infographic, as “inverted teaching methods, delivering instruction online outside of class and moving “homework” into the classroom.”

For schools interested in venturing down the “flipped” road must look at the implications of this model for students, staff and families. Every educational and home setting has a different level of readiness for outside the box ideas like this one.

During Parent-Teacher Chat (#PTchat) this Wednesday, 4/25 at 9PM Eastern / 6PM Pacific, we’ll spend an hour discussing the flipped classroom model. We’ve invited parents, teachers and leaders who are currently harnessing the “flipped classroom,” as well as some high school students in flipped classrooms to join our discussion and help us see it through their lens as well. The diverse perspectives present during the chat will make for a lively, informative and collaborative discussion.

Please visit Joe Mazza’s eFACE Today blog to learn more! Past #PTchats have been archived here.

One thought on “This Week’s Parent Teacher Chat On Twitter

  1. I think the flipped classroom is great. But, it’s hardly new. Teachers have been trying to get kids to do their reading as homework for years and “Come to class prepared to discuss the materials.”

    They’ve found that the kids don’t do the reading. I think the heart of the Flipped Classroom novelty is that:
    1. Its watching videos, not reading.
    2. Teachers are approaching it with enthusiasm like a new idea

    I hope it works.

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